In Search of Fear…..with Karen E Stokes

While the world continues to throw its scares at us I continue to search for fear in other places. Mainly the brains of my fellow authors. This week I’m joined by Karen E Stokes, bestselling author of paranormal thriller The Healing.

What movie/book scared you as a child?

Just can’t think -I didn’t watch many movies as a child – I’ll give this one some thought…

What was your biggest fear as a child?

The dark 

Do you like scary movies? Which one is your favourite?

I love them – I have two favourites – The Keeping Hours and The Haunting in Connecticut  

When I’m reading a book, storylines involving ghosts usually scare me the most. Have you ever had a paranormal experience in real life? 

Yes, when I went with friends to a haunted house in Pontefract – East Drive, when a cupboard door opened by itself! 

80 East Drive, Pontefract.

Has a book ever really scared you?

Can’t say that it has. 

Can you share with us an example of fear in one of your own novels? 

In The Healing there is a scene where the main character meets with the ghost boy. By some kind of thought transference, experiences the boy’s despair and for a few fleeting moments, feels as if she too is dead. 

In real life what is your biggest fear? Do you use that when you write?

I still don’t like the dark and looking into mirrors at night time. I used a mirror scene in The Healing but because of this fear, approached it differently, though it was still ghostly! I l believe that less is more in films too – firing the imagination is far scarier than monsters!

A big thank you to Karen for dropping in, massively impressed that you got to go to one of the most haunted houses in England! I want to hear more! The Haunting in Connecticut is a great movie, a fascinating true case. I think I watched the feature documentary about the case a few too many times!

If you want to know more about Karen, check out her links below.

You can grab a copy of her book here!




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